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Image by Emilia Morariu

If you would like to become a member, please click the link below to access our online membership form.

Membership Costs

Household address: £15

Plus each Adult: £17

Plus each child: £9

Discount of £2 per person for British Canoeing (BC) Membership

BC members are requested to ensure their (valid) BC Number is provided to qualify for the reduced Club rates. 

In exceptional cases, the Committee may elect to reduce or waive an individual applicant’s membership fee for the year. This will be determined upon submission of the membership application form, together with a description of any extenuating circumstances, to the Committee for consideration and resolution. 

Equipment Fees - Paid Per Paddler & Per Session/Trip

Individual Member - £3
Family Group - Individual rate up to a max of £10
Non Member - £5

Pool Session - £10

Equipment fees cover all kit needed for that session or trip for any particular paddler.

Entrance fees and annual subscription rates are selected by the Committee and proposed at the Annual General Meeting for membership agreement. Fees will be set at a rate that is commensurate with both the Club’s ethics policies for non-discrimination and the Club’s Development Plan for improving equipment and facilities. 

Note: Children under 10 years old must have one or both parents (or guardian) as a Full Member, who is/are responsible for supervision of their activities during Club sessions. 

To get a Membership form, rather than use the Database please email 

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