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General paddling sessions take place on Sunday mornings, on the water at 10am. During British Summer Time (May to September) we also meet on a Wednesday and Thursday. Sessions are open to all Club members and provide an opportunity to meet new paddlers, improve skills and confidence, try alternative boats and to generally get to know people within the Club.


Instruction is nearly always offered at these sessions at beginner and intermediate level, depending on demand and instructor availability. People preferring to paddle as a family group tend to favour these sessions.


Throughout the year we organise trips to meet the various interests of our members. These are run by our coaches, who will give advice on the level of paddling ability that is recommended for each activity. Most winter river trips require paddlers to be 2* level or above.

Club equipment is made available for hire at a rate of £3 per boat for the day, but you will be responsible for arranging collection, transportation and returning the equipment to the boat store.

At various Saturday evenings throughout the year we meet at Leweston School Swimming Pool. This provides a great opportunity for instruction and practice sessions at all levels in a safe, warm environment.

Pool sessions cost £10 per place and last for two hours. Two paddlers can arrange between themselves to share one place if they wish to do so.

Due to limitations on the numbers of boats the pool can accommodate, places on these sessions must be booked beforehand. 

Any paddlers using their own kit must ensure that it is clean and clear of any sand, mud, leaves, spiders, slugs, snails etc before you put it in the pool.

We do have some club equipment stored at the venue so when making a booking please let us know what you require.

To book a place or if you require any further details then please email

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